ChaosScript Reloaded 1.0

We are out of Beta!

ChaosScript Reloaded v1.0 has been released.
It includes a rework of the buyscript and tweaks to the SN-Menu. For the full changelog click here.

To download your desired edition of the ChaosScript just click one of the links below!

Download (CS:GO only):
ChaosScript Reloaded 1.0

Download (CS:GO, CSS, 1.6):
ChaosScript Full Package


ChaosScript Reloaded v0.4 beta

We updated ChaosScript Reloaded to v0.4 beta. It includes some bug fixes for existing features and adds more options for the included buy script.

You can get it here:

Please remember that CSR is still in beta. If you find any bugs please feel free to contact us on Steam.

ChaosScript Reloaded v0.2 beta for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive released!

Since the release of Counter-Strike: GO we were working on a remake of our quite famous script package ChaosScript.
33 hours later we are proud to present our first beta release of ChaosScript Reloaded v0.2!

Get it here:

Since it's still in beta feedback is very much appreciated! :)

Best regards,
Goti and Sien

ChaosScript Reloaded

ChaosScript’s new homepage is online!

After the initial remake of our script package for CS:GO our somewhat dated homepage definitely was in need of an overhaul, too. Finally it’s here and we very much hope you enjoy it. Functionality and content will be updated continuously in the following days and weeks.

Stay tuned!